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Born In Babylon

Born In Babylon
Born In Babylon
Kingstone Records
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RE-INTRODUCTION and for the first time available in various European countries. The deluxe edition of the 2009 album with one exclusive track "Rest Of My Life" for the artist SOJA (previously know as Soldiers Of Jah Army) with crucial "Rock meets Reggae" vibes. In fact a double album with a playtime of over 76 minutes the "Born In Baylon" longplayer features Gentleman & Tamika ("I Tried"), Chris Boomer ("You And Me"), Rebelution ("Here I Am"). This is a classic in the history of the US Reggae Music and with an excellent packaging including 22-page booklet & lyrics not to be missed.

SOJA main members are
Jacob Hemphill: Lead Vocals & Harmony Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Bobby Lee: Bass, Vocals
Ryan Berty: Drums
Patrick O’Shea: Keyboards, Organs
Kenneth Brownell: Hand Drums, Percussion

Original Info from 2009/2010
The very successful five piece band from Washington D.C. gets an European release (over 30 weeks in the Billboard Reggae charts, top position #3 - currently at #11)) - Soja (Soldiers Of Jah Army) averages 150 shows a year - currently on tour with Gentleman, who appears also on the album in the combination tune 'I Tried'. Lead singers Jacob Hemphill (vocals, guitar) and Bob Jefferson (bass) met in first grade in Virginia, shortly after Jacob had returned from living in Africa with his family.  The two instantly became best friends, and in middle school found a common love for hip hop and rock music. Throughout middle and high school, they met Patrick O'Shea (keyboards), Ryan Berty (drums), and Ken Brownell (percussion) – who would later form SOJA. During this period, reggae music was becoming an addiction for the budding musicians. Lead singer Jacob shares, "We loved rock and hip hop, but there was something missing in the message. Even with our favorite artists, you would get one song that hit home and touched you, then three that were about nothing. With our favorite artists in the reggae genre, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, they were singing about something beautiful that truly mattered in every song.  We never really got over it."
Now, SOJA has unleashed their third full-length album 'Born in Babylon' which focuses on telling the same roots story that reggae artists have been singing about for decades, but their way, from the flip perspective of kids who grew up not in poverty, but in a government saturated community in Arlington, Virginia, across Mason-Dixon Line from the White House.  SOJA shares about their new album, "This is the album we've been wanting to make for ten years.  At first we were hard-core old school, then we got new school and inventive. This is what we've learned from all that.  'Born in Babylon' is hard roots drum and bass, big wide guitar and vocal melodies, and two and three sided lyrics, with two and three sided messages."

01 Born In Babylon
02 Losing My Mind
03 Used To Matter
04 Bleed Through, Featuring – Black Boo
05 You And Me, Featuring – Chris Boomer
06 Don't Forget
07 Decide You're Gone
08 I Don't Wanna Wait
09 I Tried, Featuring – Gentleman, Tamika
10 Never Ever
11 Summer Breeze
12 Waking Up
13 Thunderstorms
14 Here I Am, Featuring – Eric, Marley, Rory
Bonus Track
15 Rest Of My Life

Bonus Track (CD)
1.Born In Babylon
2.Losing My Mind
3.Used To Matter
4.Bleed Through * Featuring – Black Boo
5.You And Me * Featuring – Chris Boomer
6.Don't Forget
7.Decide You're Gone
8.I Don't Wanna Wait
9.I Tried * Featuring – Gentleman, Tamika
10.Never Ever
11.Summer Breeze
12.Waking Up
14.Here I Am * Featuring – Eric, Marley, Rory
15.Rest Of My Life [Bonus Track]

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